Road Hero Spacesaver Wheel Kit

No spare wheel? Tyre foam not working? No problem.

Road Hero is a space saver wheel kit, designed to eliminate the danger of being stranded and to get you home safely. Vehicles manufactured after 2012 are no longer required to provide a spare wheel, due to regulation changes.

The Road Hero kit comes with a dedicated spacesaver steel (or alloy) wheel fitted with a suitable spare tyre and contains everything you need in the event of a puncture or blowout – including a jack (scissor or bottle) & wheel brace. Original fixings can be used unless otherwise supplied.

Each Road Hero spacesaver wheel kit is engineered for a specific vehicle fitment, not solely relying on PCD & offset, but also allowing for brake caliper clearance (X-factor etc).

The wheel and tyre size combination are also specific to the vehicle and each kit will either be direct-fit, or be supplied with the necessary fixings to ensure a perfect fit.

Just as you would expect in the ‘good old days’ when cars were supplied with these kits as standard, the Road Hero tools are safely stowed away in the rear of the wheel.